Remote editing, storage, cloud dynamics & reopening production

Join Teradici, Sony, EditShare and Lou Wirth Productions in a discussion with Allan McLennan.<br /> <br /> Welcome to a global conversation with technological and creative leaders from around the world. <br /> <br /> In Q2/2020 when the door was suddenly slammed shut on a number of film and television projects that were just beginning or in the midst of production, studio and content executives were faced with a huge question on how to proceed.<br /> <br /> Crews headed home, studio and project owners started to renew their interest in various stages of post-production technologies, capabilities and efficiencies to keep things going by shifting production and distribution to the cloud.<br /> <br /> As we move forward, how are we adapting to the new disrupted world through remote editing and cloud-centric remote editing and intelligent storage?

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Ian Nock
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Jul 30, 2020

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