Raspberry Pi: Comparison between Model A and Model B

Ever wondered what the difference between the Raspberry Pi Model A and Raspberry Pi Model B is? This video shows the spec for both the Raspberry Pi Model A and the Raspberry Pi Model B as well as weight, February 2013 saw the 1st birthday of the Raspberry Pi. We at IET.tv have been taken back by the versatility and power of such a tiny computer since Eben Upton provided us with an insight to the Raspberry Pi at the IET's Young Professionals Event at Savoy Place, London, late 2012. With it being the 1st anniversary of the $30 computer we at IET.tv decided to pop over the 'Pi Towers', the new Cambridge home of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, to speak with Rob Bishop to find out how the first year of their mission has kept them on course to reach their goal.

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Lee Pearson
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Mar 22, 2013

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