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Thanks Lisa, glad you enjoyed it. Yes, Windows all the way with that one (Windows phone + Movie Maker). It's only the second video I edited with it (used to do a bit of Final Cut on my old Mac). I must say, it does a good job of making a presentable video with minimal effort.
Great video Stephen! Can I hedge a bet that you used Windows Movie Maker to create and edit the video? :o)
The IET Standards team has produced a video explaining the importance of electrical safety management in the workplace. Please take a look and help us share this very important message. Our thanks to Bill Bates for all his help with the video.
Brilliant video! And, if only every community could report that breadth and depth of activities. Whilst so much effort is being consumed contemplating our metaphorical navels, the YPs have followed that simplest of principles - JDI!

Well done