Reliability of Power Electronic Converter Systems

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Henry Shu-hung Chung, Huai Wang, Frede Blaabjerg and Michael Pecht
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Reliability of power electronics converter systems is a book published by IET in 2015. This book is edited by four of well-known experts in power electronics and engineering reliability; Henry Shu-Hung Chung, a professor at City University of Hong Kong, Huai Wang, an associate professor, and Frede Blaabjerg, a professor, at Alborg University and Michael Pecht, a professor, at University of Maryland, College Park. Despite the importance of reliability in design and control of power electronic converters, very few books have been published on this topic. The current book has been authored in sixteen chapters by a group of authors and editors from prestigious institutes. (...) This book is a valuable resource in the field of power electronics reliability offering a rich bibliography and numerous case studies. Citing industrial standards such as MLT and IEC is a prominent feature of this book which makes it useful for whom working in relevant industries. Arash Hassanpour Isfahani, PhD, SMIEE; Product Engineer, Electric Motor Electrified Powertrain Propulsion Systems, FCA US LLC, USA, Bodo's Power Systems, June 2017 The timely and unique book "Reliability of Power Electronic Converter Systems" outlines current research on reliability of power conversion systems. It includes well-known metrics such as mean lifetime, mean time to failure, and mean time between failures; modeling concepts; physics of failure of power semiconductors; failure models; remaining useful life; point availability; failure mode, mechanism, and effects analysis (FMMEA) or failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA); and principal component analysis together with stochastic hybrid systems (SHS) models for performance and reliability analysis. All chapters include a meaningful list of references at their end, as well as conclusions, a summary, and recommendations. A table of contents and index are also provided. Highlighting several pioneering reliability modeling, lifetime prediction, and converter designs for reliability, the book fosters further discussion, research, and development. It is suited for teachers, students, researchers, and professionals in the field of power electronics systems and their applications, as well as for researchers willing to contribute to cutting-edge concepts and technology in reliability enhancement, testing, and prediction in the power electronics field. Fernando A. Silva, PhD, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine, September 2016
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