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  • IET Swindon Event Review: Engineers’ Question Time – Jan 2014

    (Feb 21, 2014)
    Category: Events/Conferences Before I went to the event I was questioning myself about whether I will be able to cope with such a long and formal talk. However, my first impression was totally different to what I thought would be a boring and long talk. It was a good event to see how the UTC will face some of its problems and what else they will offer other than the basic curriculum. The panel of people answered the questions in a precise and detailed way. Overall this was a well thought out event that kept me glued to my seat.
  • IET Swindon Event Review: Engineers’ Question Time – Jan 2014

    (Jan 19, 2014)
    Category: Events/Conferences The event started off and I didn't really know what to expect. I actually thought that the event would conclude ahead of schedule, as I felt that the questions would be answered well ahead of time. It soon became apparent that the evening would be quite an interactive one as the panel settled down to get themselves acquainted to being challenged. The Challenging questions prompted the panel to think hard and raised opportunities to utilise the UTC and it's resources in innovative ways. Panel members were at some stages frantically making notes as they realised opportunities or thought that threats pointed out by attendees had to be tackled. A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening that left me reassured that Swindon not only had a great engineering past but would also have an enviable future that would leave other towns and cities inspired to emulate.
  • NASA International Space Station

    (Jan 15, 2014)
    Category: Events/Conferences Very interesting!
  • Swindon - Reducing the Waste Burden…

    (Jan 6, 2014)
    Category: Events/Conferences I believe that bill took a lot of time to construct such a brilliant talk about sustainability and how sometimes even if we think we are helping to create a sustainable planet for the generations to come we aren't because for example the amount of time and energy it takes to recycle paper Bill had came to the conclusion that it really isn't worth it. This is because recycling is expensive and isn't very good since each time the same paper is recycled it will lose a bit more of the paper each time. Also despite the council's effort to reduce waste it is still going in vain because things like peelings of fruit and veg are being put in the bin whereas they can be turned into compost. My other point is when I asked whether we can reduce greenhouse gases by canning it up and using it for things like rplenishing fires Bill said it is possible but the enigineers of the world just aren't doing it. In my view this was an unforgettable event that was packed with plenty of interesting facts and will have changed the lifestyles of many people to help create a more sustainble planet.
  • Swindon - Reducing the Waste Burden…

    (Dec 11, 2013)
    Category: Events/Conferences An informative evening on waste and how we can still reduce waste in time to secure a future for the next generation. A thought provoking insight into how we currently manage waste & associated misconceptions. I always thought, I really was contributing towards a healthier, eco friendly environment until Bill's talk. Now, I know that I am actually not doing very much, inspite of recycling almost everything at home. A guru who really knows his craft and yet has been undermined by regulatory frameworks without really listening to how that regulation could be made better by looking after waste in a naturally, sustainable way. It's really unfortunate that we have chosen to ignore his expertise while Middle Eastern governments are taking notice with a desire to manage waste in a naturally efficient way.