Mechanical Engineer in Automotive Specialization (B.Sc)

Mechanical Engineer in Automotive Specialization (B.Sc)

DAVODIAN BENYAMIN specializes in the practice of analyzing failures. Our engineers have background engineering machinery, materials science, metallurgy. We focus on determining the root cause for failures in a wide range of products, including automotive machinery, autonomous vehicles. Our practice tests a defect in a new vehicle or failure of the vehicle systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Our specific areas of expertise are fatigue, fracture and corrosion of various materials, including metals, plastics, and fiber composites.
DAVODIAN BENYAMIN performs mainly surgery failures Analysis of mechanical failure investigations or negligence Performing repairs that are not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. My analysis determines product failure situations, whether related to design, production, or service. I perform environmental, structural and / or mechanical tests in combination with computer-based analyzes, such as finite element examples, to dete

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Jun 12, 2019

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