AWARD 2006

AWARD 2006

EXHIBITION and AWARDS 2006 , of the EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF SCIENTISTS ARTISTS AND Lit. WRITERS. [EuroSSciArtS] 20 - 23 FEBRUARY 2006 , LIGUE FRANCO – HELLENIQUE ,2, Kolonaki Square , Athens. Panagiotis Chr. Stefanides [among others: Artistic Scientists ,Engineers and Architects , Nuclear Physicists, Poets , Painters and Writers, Doctors, Pianists and Lawyers , Singers and Opera Performers,Theology ,Philosiphy, Musicology and Court of Appeal Members, Contributed to this Festivity by their Works or Participation] was granted a Diploma for his Award by : Professor Leonidas GOGETSOF [ Maths ,ex. Rector of Democritio Un.Honorary President of the Society] and Dr. Elpida MITROPOULOU [Ph.D Lon. Univ.Class. Archaeology, President of the Society] , for his “SCIENTIFIC STRUCTURES” :SPIRALS / LOGARITHMS/ HELIOTROPIO STRUCTURES.

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Panagiotis Stefanides
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Oct 28, 2012

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