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Anthony Baker, IET Satellite Network Executive team volunteer
Presenting at Arab ICT 2018
The IET Satellite Network recently had the opportunity to provide technical sponsorship for the 5th Arab ICT Forum in Bahrain and were pleased to be able to send Anthony Baker, CEO @SatelliteVu and a member of their Executive Team to present the key note speech at the Forum.
The IET Satellite Network recently provided technical sponsorship for the 5th Arab ICT Forum in Bahrain.  This was at the kind invitation of the Chairman of the Forum organising committee, 
Dr Raida Al-Alawi.

Anthony Baker, CEO @SatelliteVu and a member of the IET Satellite Network presented the Key note speech.  The presentation at the Arab ICT event focused on the importance of satellites in our society and their evolving role and applications in Smart Cities.  The event brought together many professional societies including the Bahrain Smart City Society, Bahrain Society of Engineers and representatives from societies in Lebanon and Oman amongst others.  

Anthony was hosted by the Chairman of the IET Local Network @IET Communities, Dr Ebrahim Mattar and assisted by Dr A-Imman Al Sammak, member of the organising committee. 

On the second day of his visit, Anthony gave a presentation at an event organised by the IET Bahrain Local Network at the University of Bahrain @UoBedubh and received an award on behalf of the IET for his presentation on Earth Observation and its Applications to Smart Cities and Environmental concerns. Anthony also had the pleasure to meet the Dr AlAseeri, CEO of the Bahrain National Space Science Agency and Kate Gibson of DIT at the UK Embassy @BahrainEmbUK.
Posted by Deborah-Claire McKenzie on Dec 17, 2018 9:08 AM Europe/London


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