The Fundamentals Of Motion Control System: Why It's Important For Robotic Industry?

Motion control systems have proved instrumental in transforming the socio-economic aspects of our lives. Almost everything ranging from cars to the giant space shuttles makes use of various types of motion control systems to speed up and perfect different processes.

These systems consist of a few fundamental components such as motion controller, motor, feedback device, and amplifier. They need to function in unison to create a reliable, safe, and robust motion control system for a machine.

In a motion control system, each component performs a distinct and a vital function that makes machines work according to their specific purpose. For example, the mechanical elements are responsible for the movement in a specific direction. Indeed a motion control component needs to be of high quality and durability, but they are not the only characteristics it needs. It should also be compatible with other components, both software and hardware.

You will also need to consider its compliance with the various manufacturing and safety standards, value for money, availability, and price. Anything too rare or too expensive can delay the production of your end-product. But, most importantly, you will need to place a particular complement in the right position to ensure optimum output from a system.

Of course, each motion control will be different depending on its application, placement, and technical specifications. That means, as a designer, you will need different components with distinctive qualities to solve specific problems at hand. In other words, you will need to have a comprehensive understanding of what are the fundamental components of a motion control system and how do they work.

The following infographic provides a thorough overview of the various motion control components including how they work and when and where to use them all in one place.


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Motion control components are used widely nowadays in various industries; I want to ask everyone that How much motion control components are essential for the industrial machine?
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Posted by Jack Warner on Jul 11, 2018 12:43 PM Europe/London


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