Smart Grids 2013 Abstracts And Posters

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The IET’s Power Systems and Equipment Technology Network hosted a Smart Grids Poster Session in October 2013.  The evening reception brought the community together to foster new collaborations, encourage multi-disciplinary interactions and showcase the latest developments in Smart Grids.

The evening included 17 posters on Smart Grids. The posters were peer reviewed and accepted following a call for abstracts from individuals, academia, companies, and various institutions to showcase their products and how these products fit into this future system along with the visions, anticipated problems, expected solutions, and the commercial overview of the future of the system.

Adapting to a Sustainable Future
Authors:  A Tosetti, R Spencer
Applications of Wide Area Monitoring Technology
Authors:  Mohsen Mohammadi, Christopher Saunders, Gareth Taylor
Customer Led Network Revolution  Power Quality Assessment
Author:  Liam McSweeney
DC Nodes for an Offshore Grid
Authors:  Caitríona E. Sheridan, Timothy C. Green
Developing Smart Grid Infrastructure for Addressing the Challenges of Modern Interoperable Grids
Authors:  Christopher Scott Saunders, Mohsen Mohammadi, Gareth Taylor
Distribution System with high penetration of Distributed Generation (DG)
Author:  Abraham Olatoke
High speed data acquisition system for synchro-phasor, power quality and EMI measurements in smart-grids
Authors:  Dr Faisal Peer Mohamed, Dr Karl Liu, Dr Wah Hoon Siew
Impact of Electric Vehicles on Network Reliability
Authors: .Yaminidhar Reddy Bhavanam,  Prof.Gareth Taylor
Implementation of Wide Area Monitoring Systems and Laboratory-Based Deployment of PMUs
Authors:  Mohammad Golshani , Gareth A. Taylor, Ioana Pisica, Phillip Ashton
Initial Development of a Novel Stability Control System for the Future GB Transmission  System Operation
Authors:  Shadi K.Kerahroudi (Brunel University), Prof. Gareth Taylor (Brunel University), Dr.Fan.Li (National Grid), Dr.M.Bradley (National Grid)
 LPA Smart Grid
Authors:  Yingnan Ma, Xiong Yu, Armajit S Jhutty, Hardeep Garcha
Novel Processes for Smart Grid Information Exchange and Knowledge Representation
Authors:  Nigel Hargreaves, Stefan Pantea, Gareth Taylor
Optimal Allocation of FACTS Devices in Distribution Networks Using Imperialist Competitive Algorithm
Authors:  Mohammad Shahrazad, Dr Ahmed Zobaa
Performance Comparison of SVC with POD and Synchronous Generator Excitation System to Investigate Oscillation Damping Control on the GB Transmission System
Authors:  Ronak Rabbani, Gareth Taylor, Ahmed Zobaa
Putting Smart Grids on the Map - Ordnance Survey
Authors:  Ben Nduva, Karen Hunt, Shaun Bennett
Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK
Authors:  Nazmiye Balta-Ozkan, Tom Watson
Secondary substation load profiling - identification and visualisation of changes
Authors:  Cliff Walton, Sarah Carter

IET Policy Work on Smart Grids
IET’s policy work on smart grids is informed by the expertise of four IET Policy Panels: Energy, IT, Communications, and Transport. The IET’s multidisciplinary scope makes it particularly well placed to advise on the complex issues involved in the development of smart grids. View key topics within smart grids

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