Speaker Announcement: Telemetry - 6 June, Manchester, UK

Toby Woolfe
Are you coming to our Telemetry event in June?   Read on for details of two of our speakers.
Toby Woolfe

Toby has experience in creating business value for manufacturers delivering expertise in IBM’s portfolio of industrial solutions focused on highly disruptive business opportunities.

Toby is a specialist in the use of analytics technologies in the automotive, metals, and related industries and in helping customers understand technology strategies to advance their use of data. 
This ranges from projects to manufacture more efficiently, to become customer centric and to connect cars up so new services can be delivered to delight customers.

With 12 years at IBM, Toby has acquired industry expertise and experience and has developed assets, strategies and PoC's while working with automotive and industrial sector leaders across Europe on how to harness their data for analytics and optimisation.

He has been an IBM 100% Club performer, Elite Club, and is currently engaged on the European Maestro Training program to advance his professional skills. 
Personal interests in connected devices ranging from his (connected) home, his (connected) horses; he’s also a very good shot!

Fred Eastham

Started work at BAE SYSTEMS in 1991 working and training as an aircraft technician during which time studied part-time and completed an Engineering Degree, after which was appointed a junior Engineer position with the Flight Test Instrumentation (F.T.I.) department at Warton aerodrome in 2000.  

18 years on still at F.T.I. and is an Engineering lead for Engineering support, currently a SME for ground and airborne telemetry.

Fred's engineering interests cover a broad spectrum both in electrical and mechanical areas; He is  an active member and local network treasurer & senior vice chairman of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) working towards a fellowship. He is also an Engineering ambassador for the IET and BAESYSTEMS linked with his local schools and Lancaster University.

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