Announcing The Winner Of Our PhD Award 2018

Alberto Padoan
Drum roll please......

Our 2018 winner is Alberto Padoan.

Alberto was born in Ferrara, Italy, in 1989. He received the Laurea Magistrale degree (M.Sc. equivalent) cum laude in automation engineering from the University of Padova, Italy, in 2013. He then joined the Control and Power Group at the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Imperial College London, U.K., from which he received the Ph.D. degree in 2018. 

Alberto is currently a Research Associate in the Control Group, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, U.K., and a Research Associate of Sidney Sussex College. His research interests are in the area of dynamical systems and control theory, with special emphasis on modelling and approximation of nonlinear systems and applications in computational neuroscience.

Alberto’s doctoral thesis is focused on theoretical foundations of modelling and approximation of nonlinear systems. Notable results include the analysis of numerical issues related to data-driven model reduction algorithms, the use of geometry to connect nonlinear system identification and nonlinear realisation theory, and a nonlinear counterpart of the classical notion of eigenvalue which led to the development of a model reduction method by moment matching at isolated singularities. His current research efforts are geared towards understanding the principles that govern the brain across different temporal and spatial scales using control-theoretic methods.

Alberto says: "It is a great pleasure and honour to receive the 2018 IET Control & Automation Ph.D. Award. This is a wonderful recognition of the hard work put through during my doctoral training, from which I learnt the joy and beauty of doing research at the highest scientific standards. This recognition also carries prestige and distinction to the entire Control and Power group at Imperial College London, which has been an incredibly fertile environment and constant source of inspiration for my daily academic endeavours. I am now more motivated to pursue my research interests and  demonstrate that theory has a very practical influence on key engineering questions.

Posted by Joanne Longton on Dec 3, 2018 9:39 AM Europe/London


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