"Architecture For Complex Systems" Speaker Announcement: Tim Rabbets And Louise Walker - QinetiQ

A multi-disciplinary perspective on the architecting and engineering of certain complex engineered systems
Tim Rabbets & Louise Walker, QinetiQ

This paper introduces the broad ‘landscape’ of systems engineering and architecting indicating some of the different genres which take into account system scale and applicable engineering abstraction.  Key notions of system complexity, architecture (and design), together with different genres of systems engineering and architecting are introduced and related.  Within this ‘landscape’ true multi-disciplinary approaches are positioned and related to more ‘standard’ practices.  Some areas of application of systems engineering and architecting in which the authors have experience are overlaid.

The paper then draws on case studies to illustrate how a multi-disciplinary approach to systems engineering and architecting has been applied within the authors’ domains.  It discusses how this draws in several related scientific disciplines, develops disruptive product technology, and how the ensuing innovation can challenge timely market entry, requiring its engineering to be addressed with agility.

Finally some of the challenges to systems engineering and architecting posed by adopting and harnessing such truly multi-disciplinary approaches are identified.

Tim Rabbets is an Oxford maths graduate with 35 years’ experience in Systems Engineering gained in the defence and aerospace industries, working for government and industry, latterly with QinetiQ.  He is currently a Skill Group and Capability Leader in Systems Engineering and Architecture. He specialises in systems architecting and has worked on architectures for naval combat systems, complex weapon systems, unmanned vehicle systems, and the UK defence test and evaluation enterprise. Tim is a QinetiQ Fellow, chartered engineer and member of several professional bodies.  He co-chairs the INCOSE UK Architectures Working Group and also works on ISO standards in systems architecture on behalf of BSI.

Louise Walker is a Southampton PhD graduate with 25 years’ experience in photonics at the science-prototype interface.  Her career started at the Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, where she developed novel optical waveguide materials, lasers and devices.   In 2001 she joined a VC funded start-up, now SPI Lasers, a leading UK fibre laser manufacturer, to develop technology disruptive to the global industrial laser market, ultimately leading SPI’s Optical Technology Group.  Her interest in disruptive technology continued through a pan-European initiative to explore potential for a laser based particle accelerator at CERN.  She joined QinetiQ in 2015 and is currently working with industry partners on a complex capability demonstrator system incorporating TRL1-6 technology. 

Join Tim and Louise at the upcoming Architecture for Complex Systems event taking place in Derby on 19 September 2017 at the Rolls-Royce Leisure Association. Register now online!
Posted by Ashley Rowe on Jul 4, 2017 10:50 AM Europe/London