Big Data Analytics For Smart Power Networks - The Review!

What does Big Data mean to you?
Well, what a great event we had on Tuesday, 8th November at Savoy Place.   The room was full to capacity and delegates heard from a number of experts focusing on different areas in industry and academia.

Sean Owen from Cloudera gave the opening Keynote address which covered a diverse number of areas, including cost optimisation, reduced capital expenditure, maximising the value and longevity of existing assets, agility and resilience to market conditions and more globalised operations .  His talk concluded with a case study on a technology company that partners with utility providers to help consumers better understand their energy use. Its platform offers behaviorally fine-tuned, decision-tree-optimized home energy reports that are mailed, emailed, SMS’d and web-hosted for about 75 utilities, and 15 million or so utility residential customers, across the globe. Using this data they are able to  present homeowners with efficiency tips, utility rebate offers, and other suggestions. 

Other talks included "The Power of Monitoring for Smart Networks" by Dr Samuel Jupe which covered monitoring for smarter networks, what can go wrong and lessons learned.   

David Kirkland, Technical Solutions Director for GE, talked on Digitisation in the Energy Sector - from device to information, tackling Customer Satisfaction, Aging Infrastructure, Aging Workforce, Economic Risk, Forecasting in an uncertain environment, Affordability and Productivity needs along the way.  The most shocking (forgive the pun) statistic that I took away from this presentation was that more than 620M people in Sub Saharan Africa live without power.

Dr Xing Wang ended his talk with a question to the audience - what is the one word that sums up big data for you?

  I'd be interested to hear what you think so please do add your thoughts in the comment section below - or better still, start a new discusion in our discussion threads.

Other talks throughout the day can be viewed on our channel:

Douglas Wilson
Applying Predix cloud computing to high speed WAMS technology

Panos Louvieris
Empowering Renewable Energy Prosumers through Big Data Analytics

David Wallom
Benefits of big data analytics in the EPSRC WICKED and ADEPT projects

The Q&A panel sessions were filmed and can be viewed online and the presentations can be found in our file section

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Posted by Joanne Longton on Nov 9, 2016 2:53 PM Europe/London