Use Of Dynamic Simulation In The Development Of Control Systems

Andy Clegg
On 3rd September an audience of more than 30 people got together in Teacher Building, Glasgow to hear Dr Andy Clegg and Professor Mike Grimble deliver presentations on the "Use of dynamic simulation in the development of control systems".

It was an excellent event, with a very engaged audience, if the number of questions at the end was any measure!

The audience learnt that design, development and deployment of control systems can often be challenging; especially in time, cost or safety critical applications, such as in oil & gas, maritime or nuclear industries and how the use of dynamic simulation of plant/control systems can help.

Dr. Andy Clegg from Industrial Systems and Control Ltd talked about his experiences with developing and using simulations within the design and deployment for challenging machinery control and process control applications. He covered how simulation was used to shrink commissioning time for marine hydraulic control systems and ensure things are right first time.

Professor Mike Grimble from the University of Strathclyde presented a state-of-the-art review of the use of modelling and simulation in the design of industrial applications from diesel engines to marine system controls.

As ever,  the networking session before the presentations gave folks the chance to catch up with colleagues they hadn't seen for a while and gave attendees the chance to speak directly with the presenters.

Watch Andy Clegg's presentation

Watch Mike Grimble's presentation

Addtionally, you can view the presentations in our files section

Some excellent feedback was received after the event, including the comments below and the buzz was such that the committee may consider repeating the event in a different location in the future:

An excellently presented event which gave a good insight to the beginner of the techniques used in modelling control systems to ensure they can work before they are built and switched on.

The event was excellent and dealt with some very interesting subject matter.  

As a student, the event was very insightful, I learned what to expect in my Control studies and how the industry evolved beyond what we learn in class, and so what I need to keep an eye for in self development stages.
Posted by Joanne Longton on Sep 16, 2015 4:56 PM Europe/London


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