University Teams Pass The Chequered Flag! 5634

University Teams Pass The Chequered Flag!


Congratulations to the Nova Racing team  at Delft Technical University who won the MotoE Racing championship this year in only their second year of competing and the
Bath University Zero team who were runners up. 

MotoE  is an official European Championship for electric motorcycle racers, teams from the across the globe, battle each other in five rounds within Europe for the privilege to call themselves the MotoE European Cup Champions.
It has been supported by the IET Automotive & Road Transport Systems TPN for several years as it raises awareness of electric motorcycles and the profile of the IET and TPN.  Also, all members of the Technical Panel are IET members. Each year the TPN award an Innovation Prize to the best university team.  Following the end of the 2017 season, it was decided to award both Delft and Bath the Innovation prize.
Congratulations to both teams on winning the ARTS TPN Innovation Prize this year.
The Bath Zero team bike will be showcased alongside the Electric Formula Student car from University of Bath at our 2nd ‘Electrification in Motorsports Seminar’ on 
8 March 2018 at Coventry Transport Museum.
We’re just putting the finishing touches to the speaker line-up and have some excellent new speakers for the 2018 event.  If you’re working/researching/studying in this area and want to learn more and see how to register for this low-cost event then please click here for more information.

Comment from Nova Racing team:
“The 2017 team really enjoyed competing in this innovative championship. It helped the team to push their limits and improve their skills.”

Comment from Bath Zero team:
“The team have really enjoyed competing against the Delft team in the MotoE series. Despite having reliability and weather issues at all the MotoE events we feel that the performance and reliability of our motorcycle improved throughout the season and we are really pleased with coming runners-up in the championship. The team also learnt a lot of lessons, allowing us to improve next year’s bike.”
Comment from Rupal Patel, MotoE promoter:
“As the promoter of MotoE we love to see teams learn and progress throughout the competition and both of the teams that won IET awards have certainly achieved this and more.

A group of 14 Dutch students form Nova Electric Racing, their headquarters are found in the D:DREAM hall of the TU Delft, where they are lucky to be granted the space and freedom to  develop skills and gain experience that is invaluable to their futures.  

Nova had obtained the top step of the podium in all three races in the final weekend of the season at World Class circuit of Donnington Park securing them the coveted European Electric cup title and showcasing how far they have come in such a short space in time.  Lessons learned at the track, were quickly implemented and the results speak for themselves.  Not only are they a worthy winner, the team has not stopped their development with plan to build a brand new motorcycle for next season improving on the current design, as well as the endless supporting of potential new teams who contact them for advice on how to be a successful competitor within MotoE.  

The second team to receive recognition was the amazing team from Bath University. Going into 2017 their bike, Apollo, had had a face-lift with completely new chassis, upgraded suspension and with newly designed modifications to the  916 trellis frame to better fit the battery packs, and slim down the bike - this was with the help and sponsorship of Rich at Louigi Moto. 

Owing to a small budget, the team wisely focused their attention on the mechanical aspects of the bike as feedback from guest racers in the previous year largely focused on the poor handling of their machine.  Although they were not be able to put down the same voltage as the other teams their improved  mechanical setup permitted their racer to show off Apollo’s real skills! Rider, Matthew Rees concurred, the team was  “200% better” than last year.  We at MotoE are very pleased that the team make improvements year and year and just as importantly ignite passion for development that stays with the students even after they have graduations and left to pastures new... this year we had three generations of the team at the track for the final race! 

We are looking forward to what 2018 season brings 

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