IET PATW 2018 - Vancouver Heat

Check out how the Vancouver PATW event went on May 12 2018 cheeky
PATW 2018 Vancouver heat held on May 12, 2018

Chartered Engineers Pacific (CEP) network - Vancouver branch has once again successfully organized the annual PATW competition on May 12 at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Altogether six presentations were expected on a wide range of varied topics in which the presenters were either interested in or involved with as a project within the course they are taking at university. The event started with a brief introduction of IET, CEP, and PATW event by IET Representative Dr. Suresh Vishwakarma who had coordinated the event.  That was followed by five presentations from engineering and science students based in Vancouver. The sixth presenter did not show up at the event. All five presentations were very impressive and brilliantly delivered to the 'three judges' of this year being - Mr. Matthew Walton-Knight Chairman CEP, Mr. Alan Kay Committee Member CEP, and Mr. Chris Richardson Committee Member CEP. Mr. Arul Raja Committee Member CEP had chaired the event. The topics of presentations were:

1.    Gravitational waves, by Mr. Faramarz Jabbarvaziri
2.    Finding the Pieces of Placenta Puzzle, by Ms. Farah Deeba
3.    Wildfires: Impact on Human health and surrounding, by Ms. Shefali Vishwakarma 
4.    Some common UI design errors, by Mr. Saurabh Vishwakarma
5.    Stem Cells, by Ms. Dalia Kasim

After due deliberation, the judges agreed upon a winner based on both the quality of the presentation, and the ability to adequately convey a complex technological information to a mixed technical and non-technical audience. Before announcement of results by the Chair of event, Matthew Walton-Knight, Chairman of the Local Network (CEP) gave an inspirational speech to all presenters, motivating them to participate in the future events also.

The winner of this year was Ms. Shefali Vishwakarma, who gave a presentation on how wildfires adversely impact health & safety and water quality, the chemical reactions caused by wildfires, and proposed solutions to avoid wildfires to the extent possible. The runner-up of this year was Ms. Farah Deeba, whose presentation on "Finding the Pieces of Placenta Puzzle" and proposed solution for making decision on placental health. The audience selected Faramarz Jabbarvaziri for the audience favourite award. 

CEP's congratulations go out to all the presenters who came along, and wish the winner Ms. Shefali Vishwakarma further success who will be going to the next level of competition - PATW Regional final of Americas scheduled on August 11, 2018 at Ottawa. Special thanks go to all CEP committee members for their efforts during the past two months to make this remarkable event possible once again in Vancouver.

Mr. Faramarz Jabbarvaziri giving presentation on Gravitational Waves.

Ms. Farah Deeba giving presentation on Finding the Pieces of Placenta Puzzle

Presenters of PATW 2018 Vancouver heat

Ms. Shefali Vishwakarma, winner of PATW 2018 Vancouver heat receiving certificate from Chairman CEP 
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