South Wales Committee Officers

Wales South East Local Network Officers
Chair – David Murphy
Secretary – Jeremy Creasey
Treasurer – Robert Watson

Wales South West Local Network Officers
Chair – Susan Jones
Secretary – Chris Jobling
Treasurer – Nick Marsh

Wales South East Young Professionals Section Officers
Chair – Rhys Phillips
Secretary – Jess Jones
Treasurer – Sam Braithwaite

Wales South West Young Professionals Section Officers
Chair – Ian Howells
Secretary – Brijnath Geerjanan
Treasurer – Yi He

South Wales Electronics & Communications Specialist Section Officers
Chair – Paul Davies
Secretary – Hugh Woodward
Treasurer – Nick Marsh

South Wales Manufacturing & Management Specialist Section Officers
Chair – Kevin Chilton
Secretary – Andrew Thomas
Treasurer – Andrew Thomas

South Wales Power Specialist Section Officers
Chair – Ivor Rogers
Secretary – Gareth Williams
Treasurer – Sam Braithwaite

South Wales Area Forum Officers
Chair – Hugh Woodward
Secretary – Rhys Phillips

Other South Wales Points of Contact
South East Wales Schools Liaison Officer – Steve Watts
South West Wales Schools Liaison Officer – John Jones
IET Connect Representative – John Rees
Community Relationship Manager – Deborah McKenzie
Community Support Executive – Julie Hudson
Regional Development Manager – Dan Sanders
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