What The Safety TPN Are Looking At In The 2017-18 Session

The Safety TPN have been working on their plans for the 2017-18 session and have submitted these to the TPN leadership group.  

Keep a look out on the pages for the event details as they happen, but we thought we would give you a peek at what we are looking to do:

-  Data Safety - full day event
-  Ethics of Safety - full day event
-  Software tools available for Functional Safety

-  Supporting the IET System Safety & Cyber Security Conference 
-  Supporting the MoD/ESAS and hosting awards- The Environmental and Safety Assurance Symposium (ESAS) is the MOD’s flagship Symposium focusing on Equipment Safety and Environmental Management. 
-  Ethics of Safety
-  Aviation Safety  - supporting Aeorspace TPN
-  Software tools available for Functional Safety

Other Areas of involvement
-  ISA guidance
-  Safety Competency
-  Cyber/Safety CoP
-  ISA 61508
-  Professional Registration 

As you can see it is a busy programme with lots happening.  Updates on all the topics will be posted as we move throughout the session as well as other areas of interest, so keep coming back to find out more.
Posted by Lynsay Callaghan on Jul 10, 2017 11:53 AM Europe/London


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