2013 Safety Conference Videos

The 8th International Conference on System Safety, incorporating the Cyber Security Conference, was held from 15 - 17 October 2013 in Cardiff, UK.  If you didn't manage to make it to the conference, you can still see many of the presentations via IET.tv.

Read on to see the list of video presentations available.

Session Speaker Title
Keynote 1 Les Hatton Some reflections on software systems: where does safety stop and security start?
Keynote 2 Ian Bryant Who Wants Stovepipes?
Keynote 3 Tony Cant System Safety; Where Next?
Keynote 4 Rich Jones Enhancing Safety Performance in the Civil Aviation Sector
1.a.1 Hugh Boyes Cyber security of intelligent buildings: A review
1.a.2 Richard Piggin Process safety and cyber security convergence: lessons identified, but not learnt?
2.a.1 Hassan El-Sayed Assessment of PVST in accordance with IEC 61508:2010
2.a.2 Charles Johnson Use of visual propositional calculus to derive safety critical functions
3.a.1 Hugh Boyes Trustworthy cyber physical systems - a review
5.a.1 Paul Cheeseman Reaching out to the world - international Engineering Safety Management (iESM)
5.a.2 Theodoros Spyridopoulos Incident analysis and digital forensics in SCADA and industrial control systems
6.b.1 Obi Obowoware Intrusion tolerant system for integrated vetronics survivability strategy
Round Table 1 James Kimmance Transport security and risk: perspective from Dr James Kimmance
Round Table 2 Paul Irving Transport security and risk: perspective from Dr Paul Irving
Round Table 3 David Rubens Transport security and risk: perspective from Mr David Rubens

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