2012 Safety Conference Videos

The 7th International Conference on System Safety, incorporating the Cyber Security Conference, was held from 15 - 18 October 2012 in Edinburgh, UK.  If you didn't manage to make it to the conference, you can still see many of the presentations via IET.tv.

Read on to see the list of video presentations available.

Session Speaker Title
Keynote 1 Warren Naylor System Safety - A Glimpse into the Future
Keynote 2 Peter Bernard Ladkin Some "Hot Issues" in Software-Safety Standardisation
Keynote 3 Mike StJohn-Green Cyber Security - Who says we're safe?
Keynote 4 Chris Elliott The safety of complex engineered products - what's changed since Haddon-Cave?
1.a.3 Jeremy Dick Evidence-based development - coupling structured argumentation with requirements development
1.b.1 Klaus McDonald-Maier A practical proposal for ensuring the provenance of hardware devices and their safe operation
1.b.2 Amanda Goodger What does the assurance case approach deliver for critical information infrastructure protection in cyber security?
1.b.4 Geraint Williams Cost effective assessment of the infrastructure security posture
2.b.1 Ying He Generic security cases for information system security in healthcare systems
2.b.2 Markus Seemann On the relationship of hazards and threats in railway signalling
2.b.3 F I Duncan, A G Smeaton Assessing and improving software quality in safety critical systems by the application of a software test maturity model
3.b.1 Aditya Deshpande Security in integrated vetronics: Applying elliptic curve digital signature algorithm to a safety-critical network protocol - TTP/C
3.b.2 Robert Barker The application of data diodes for securely connecting nuclear power plant safety systems to the corporate IT network
3.b.3 Ian Bryant A holistic approach to trustworthy software
4.b.1 Heinz Winter System security assessments using a cyber range
4.b.2 Richard Piggin Emerging good practice for cyber security of industrial control systems and SCADA
5.a.1 David Ward The uses and abuses of ASIL decomposition in ISO 26262
5.a.2 Helen Monkhouse and Mike Ellims Agonising Over ASILs: Controllability in the context of an in-wheel electric motor vehicle application
6.a.1 Dimosthenis Ioannidis The SAVE ME project: real-time disaster mitigation and evacuation management
6.a.2 Stefan Raue (SMA)2 - A social media audience sharing model for authorities to support effective crisis communication

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