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3, Persiaran Canselor, Kota Ilmu, 79200 Gelang Patah, Johor 

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1. Background
University of Southampton Malaysia IET On Campus was formed by a group of students from University of Southampton Malaysia who joined the IET.
The University of Southampton Malaysia is situated in Johor and nestled in Educity, Nusajaya which is the hub of tertiary education in Johor. For our university, there are two semesters a year for the undergraduate program while there are three intakes for the foundation intake. Our semester breaks are mainly around the festivals such as Chinese New Year and Aidilfitri while our main break is summer break which happens annually from June to September. The nearest international airport is Senai International Airport which is about 25 minutes away. In Johor, food hunting is a must as there are many variations as well as famous eateries and bakeries.

2. IET On Campus Committee List
No Position Name Background
1 President Vaayu Puthran Shanmugalingam Mechanical Engineering
2 Vice President 1 Lim Yi Farn Electrical and Electronics Engineering
3 Vice President 2 Janaqar R Selvam Mechanical Engineering
4 Secretary Hanuushah Vizabaskaran Electrical and Electronics Engineering
5 Treasurer Adrian Lim Zhi Syuen Electrical and Electronics Engineering
6 Logistic Officer Abdu Sulaiman Aminuddin Electrical and Electronics Engineering
7 Social Media Officer Seri Aathira Balqis Zulqarnain Electrical and Electronics Engineering
8 Design Officer Nuur 'Aziyah Binti Haji Suib Mechanical Engineering
9 Events Officer Ahmad Aiman Qayyum bin Tauran Zaidi Mechanical Engineering
10 Subcommittee Ahmad Raphael Bin Mohamed Raziff Engineering Foundation Year
11 Subcommittee Alvin Hartanto Engineering Foundation Year
12 Subcommittee Gerald Ting Khing Kiat Engineering Foundation Year
13 Subcommittee Joel Vong Wei Sheng Engineering Foundation Year
14 Subcommittee Muhammad Aiman Hafiz Bin Marakar Engineering Foundation Year

3. On Campus Technical Advisors
a. Dr Ivan Ling
b. Dr Grace Chai

4. News/ Achievements/ Involvements in STEMS/ Flagship events:
a. Year 2019
1. 19th May 2019 – RS Components Talk
2. 7th July 2019 – IET Faraday Challenge
3. 3rd October 2019 – Recruitment Drive
4. 12th October 2019 – Junior and Young Innovate Challenge
5. 17th October 2019 – Industry 4.0 by Vittrox
6. 19th October 2019 – Rock Climbing
7. 24th October 2019 – Leadership Event
8. 30th November 2019 – Beach Cleanup

b. Year 2020
1. 21st February 2020 – Career Fair
2. 14th March 2020 - Electric Car Workshop
3. 29th to 31st May 2020 - Webinars on " Personal Growth" 

Report prepared by: Hanuushah, Secretary

Posted by Benjamin Wong Wan An on May 13, 2020 1:06 PM Europe/London


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