[UCSI IET OC]:180630 AutoCad Workshop

Date 30 June 2018
Time 9am-1pm
Venue 203, Block K, UCSI University North Wing
Organizer UCSI IET On-Campus
Trainers Tai Kar Wai, Chong Ying Hai and Pang Kah Hoe
Attendance 15 students 
To provide the students a platform to learn AutoCAD software.
To ease students in doing their project design using AutoCAD software.
To explore students with the possibilities and shortcuts of AutoCAD software.
Details The event take place in UCSI University North Wing. The registration will start from 9am till 10am. Then we will start off by teaching the students the basic drawing of AutoCAD and the hotkeys at the same time. After the teaching session, we will provide them some practices to do. There will be tutors there to guild them on how to finish the practices we gave. Lastly, we will take a photo before we end our workshop.
Learning Outcome Students can understand on how to:
Use AutoCAD software efficiently with all the shortcut keys.
Design a 2D and 3D models using AutoCAD.

Reported by: Bryan Tai Kar Wai

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