[UCSI IET OC]:180307 IET's Faraday Challenge

Date 7th March 2018
Time 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Venue Block E level 4, Design Project Studio E&E Laboratory, UCSI University South Wing
Organizer Head of Department (E&E) & IET YPS Chairman, Dr. John Tan, Dr. Susan Tiang, Dr. Lim Wei Hong & Mr. Manickam and supported by UCSI IET On Campus student committee members
Trainers Tai Kar Wai (leader), Chong Ying Hai, Pang Kah Hoe, Yang Jen Bin, Ngo Kah Lock, Koh Jia Shun and Low Jia Wei
Attendance 30 secondary students
To encourage students to develop their interest in STEM field.
To allow the students to know briefly about 4th Industrial Revolution
Details The workshop was kick started by Dr. John Tan, the Head of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. He gave a brief idea on what is an engineer, the 4th Industrial Revolution and why we need to learn how to code. Then, we moved on towards the demonstrations. Tai Kar Wai and Koh Jia Shun are year 1 students from electrical and electronic engineering. Both of them are in charge of the demonstrations. But before that, they explain on what is smart lighting system by using the system diagrams and they get to explain the coding part in simple terms by using the blocks. When, we show them the model of the smart lighting system that built by the engineers from year 1. They were interested to know more on how does the micro:bit and sensor work. That is when some student started to ask more regarding the model. Before we end, we get to have a Q&A section with the students as a lot of them are having question marks on their heads.
Learning Outcome
To allow the students to know a bit on programming the BBC micro:bit using code block.
Students understand on how to program a BBC micro:bit using code block.
Students know the function of an LDR sensor.

Reported by: Bryan Tai Kar Wai

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Posted by Earn Tzeh Tan on Jan 14, 2019 5:26 PM Europe/London


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