[UCSI IET OC]:180210 Arduino Workshop

Date 10th February 2018
Time 8:30 am – 5.30 pm
Venue Block K207, UCSI University North Wing
Organizer UCSI IET On-Campus supported by UCSI IEEE-HKN Mu Alpha, UCSI Robotic Club and Gieption Company
Trainers Mr. Voon Yoon Nam and Committee Member of UCSI IET On-Campus and UCSI-HKN Mu Alpha
Attendance 17 students
To encourage young engineers and technicians to develop their presentation skills in this fun and friendly environment.
To improve the communication skills and teamwork among the participants which are essential for future career.
To expose student in exploring the endless possibilities of Arduino for the application of Electrical and Electronic (E&E) sector
To build up the Arduino programming community
To uphold everyone can programming core value in publicizing programming importance among UCSI student
Details Arduino and Programming Workshop was successfully conducted by trainer from Gieption, Voon Yoon Nam, and facilitators from UCSI also helped those students who have problems in connecting circuits and coding the Arduino. Around 12 pm we have a short break for lunch for 1 hour. After that, assignment is given to participants to be solved in groups. Through this workshop, participants learned on how to code the Arduino and build their own blue-tooth communication device. The workshop ended at around 6.00pm and we had a group photo session with.
Learning Outcome
To expose students to microcontroller program
To allow the students to build their own Bluetooth app

Reported by: Bryan Tai Kar Wai

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