Reporting On The Last VEB Meeting

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Reporting from the Volunteer Engagement Board meeting - posted on behalf of member Justina Ho.

The June VEB (Volunteer Engagement Board) Meeting was the last meeting for the session, and we had the chance to review items that we worked on since October.  These items include the wonderful works from the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team.  It is particularly exciting to learn that we are part of something that makes big differences.

The team had established lots of successful programs regarding gender diversity in the past, and it targeted multiple diversity traits, including race, ethnic, socioeconomic status, and other underrepresented groups in engineering for the past year.  Through these programs, IET is showing the possibility within the engineering and technology sector, and can help other professional bodies to progress on ED&I being a successful example. 

The board was particular interested in several projects that are being planned, including social media inclusion campaigns and unconscious bias awareness trainings for organization managements.  Hopefully, these programs will be available soon. 

Being in the last meeting of the session also means saying goodbye to a few of our fellow council members who will retire from their current role after the meeting.  Virginia, Chairlady of the VEB since the establishment of the board, was amongst one of these people who will be missed in the VEB.  Her wonderful leadership shapes the current form of the board, which is both productive and enjoyable; and her vision undoubtedly sets a solid foundation for the future development of the board.

Thank you Virginia!

Justina Ho
Posted by Sandra Godman on Sep 27, 2019 10:24 AM Europe/London


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