Communities Volunteers Briefing: On Campus

On Campus
This briefing will explain what ‘On Campus’ is and how Communities volunteers can use it.
What is it?
‘On Campus’ is the IET’s new and comprehensive approach to working with universities across the world. This new approach will be extended to different levels within the university including undergraduate students, postgraduate students, researchers, librarians and faculty staff. We are focusing initially on students and this work is well advanced.
Through ‘On Campus’ the IET will be able to provide students with all the resources, connections, professional development, support and inspiration they need to take the first steps in their future career.
I am a Local Network volunteer – how does ‘On Campus’ help me?
The ‘On Campus’ approach is an excellent opportunity for IET Local Networks to boost their presence with universities and students. If your Local Network has been unable to establish a good relationship with local universities then ‘On Campus’ can provide you with the opportunity to reconnect. There are a number of resources to help you do this:
  • Funds to help student groups (in the past, known as chapters) run activities·        
  • A more streamlined process for providing student groups with funding and support
  • A new and bespoke activity pack for student groups that includes IET branded promotional items, pull up banners and posters.
A good first step would be to request a meeting with the university’s engineering department staff. You can talk to them about the IET’s enhanced offering to student groups. If you require any assistance please contact your Community Relationship Manager.
Our local university/ies already have well established student groups. What can ‘On Campus’ offer them?
‘On Campus’ is not just about starting IET student groups. If there are existing Engineering Societies then the IET resources should help boost their activities whilst also ensuring that IET is promoted.
Our Local Network already works closely with universities and students. Is there anything I can do?
Yes. In the short term the IET is keen to have a closer relationship with the many student groups around the world. If you are aware of student groups that have formed with IET help then please let your Community Relationship Manager know so that we can connect them to the IET's global student community. It is also important that student groups within your LN area are providing students with a positive impression of the IET and therefore we would like you to engage closely with student groups by reviewing their activities and providing ongoing assistance. Please also tell them about some of the support tools that the IET provides – for example Plus!, the free online registration system, the IET events calendar for promoting events and MyCommunity to provide them with an interactive online presence.

I think my local university is an Academic Partner (AP) of the IET. Is there anything extra I need to do?
Yes. There is a strong chance that in the UK, a Regional Development Manager (RDM) will be running workshops at this university. So if you want to engage with an AP university please just let your CRM know first. They can then liase with the RDM to check there will be no clashes. You can check which universities are an AP by going to the AP page on our website.

What do I need to do to access these resources?
The new funding form can be found in the Volunteer Gateway. You can also find some supporting documents which the students should read for guidance. Please pass this onto any student groups you are aware of or to faculty staff at the university. Once we have received these forms back then we will be able to send the student groups the new materials.
This all sounds great but my Local Network has limited funds. How much will this all cost?
Our intention is that Local Networks will not have to use their own budgets to pay for ‘On Campus’ activity. All funding requests from student groups will go direct to the relevant Communities Committee (CC). Generally, we don’t expect student activities to carry much of a cost. Of course if you are running a joint event with a student group then you can use some Local Network budget.
If you do receive funding requests direct from student groups in your geographic area please ask them to re-send to
I have some specific questions. Who can I ask?
This should not be read as comprehensive guidance to ‘On Campus’ so if you do have any questions or comments please speak to your Community Relationship Manager.
Posted by Steve Benveniste on Oct 9, 2014 11:18 AM Europe/London


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