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The IET’s I Belong Campaign: Community Volunteers Briefing

I belong is the IET’s new Member Recruitment Campaign. We would like volunteers from the IET’s Local and Technical Networks to publicise the campaign wherever possible and we have produced a range of materials for community volunteers to help get the message out.
What is it?
I belong is the IET’s new Member Recruitment Campaign. It encourages engineers and technicians to join the IET to help develop their careers, give them access to knowledge resources and to network within geographic and technical communities. 
Why should this be of interest to communities?
  • As an ambassador of the IET it’s important that you promote benefits of IET membership
  • By promoting the benefits of IET membership you are more likely to recruit new members within your geographic or technical area thus building your community
  • By promoting the benefits of IET membership at your events you can also remind members of some of the benefits they may have forgotten about

What can I do to help?
As an IET Community volunteer you can take a look at the resources we have produced and publicise membership during your events and any other opportunity you have.
What resources are available?
I belong booklet
This booklet summarises most membership benefits. It includes sections on Types of Membership, Career development, Knowledge resources, Getting involved, Shaping the profession and Member support. There are testimonies from real members about the benefits that IET membership has brought to them. You can order and then display these booklets at your events.
Membership film
We have produced a two minute film which highlights three personal stories from engineers who have become members of the IET. You can show this either at the start or end of your events. You can view the film below.

Membership presentation slide
You can also use this presentation slide which briefly outlines the benefits of membership and contact details for our Membership Team. Please display this either before or after your speaker’s presentation slides.
We have produced an A4 poster which you can print off and display at your events. Please use a professional printer who can print this in colour and feel free to make it bigger.
How can I receive these?
Please choose one of the following options:
  • Download all the resources from this post
  • If you would prefer to be sent them on a memory stick please email Aaron Thiele on athiele@theiet.org giving your name and postal address
  • You can order the booklet either from the Marketing Toolkit or contact your Community Relationship Manager or Community Support Executive and ask them to send some copies.

Social media
If you have any more time then please use your social media profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc to tell people about why you are a member of the IET using the #IETBelong hashtag. 
Posted by Steve Benveniste on May 8, 2014 1:58 PM Europe/London


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