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Polymers And Composites In Construction – Changing The Way We Work


We live in a rapidly changing world where the outcomes from relentless innovation continue to affect our lives. Attempting new ingredient combinations in cooking has for example, lead to ‘salted caramel’. From a patisserie in France in the 1980’s the combination of something sweet and salty has become the rage internationally. You can even buy it on your popcorn at the cinema.

Composites in Construction – Changing the way we work, is an event that looks at new ways of combining materials which may become the ‘popcorn’ seasoning of the construction industry tomorrow with new materials in novel applications enhancing traditional choices.

This event will showcase successful composite development and implantation and relay the key recommendations of the 2013 Composite UK Innovation roadmap. In addition, current challenges will be relayed to the group and therefore open up where the next set of opportunities lie. This event will be geared for collaborative partnership identification in the face of these UK opportunities. These collaborations should allow the transfer of ideas across different industries and the lasting message from the event should be “I haven’t thought of doing it like that”

For more information, please visit the event website.

I look forward to welcoming you to the event.

Rick Hartwig
Built Environment Sector Head, IET




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