Contender For UK’s Greenest Home Can Power Itself And Neighbours!

Rick Hartwig
Head of Sector - Built Environment
‘A house that can power itself and two neighbours’ is big, ground breaking news indeed. Could this be the end of road for the power grid? This is I believe a significant step forward, even though regrettably the house is ‘off-grid’ 85% of the time.

The Furrows house is unique and projects like this are to be encouraged as it has addressed successfully both power and heat.

Having addressed these challenges in a new build, we need to seek innovative ways of applying this to the existing building stock.

However to achieve a significant impact to the reduction of the national energy bill, we need to roll this functionality to existing building stock. It is a concern that this does not make a significant contribution to the challenges of retrofit. That sounds like a potential new project to me.
Read more about this project here.

Rick Hartwig
Built Environment Sector Head, IET
Posted by Hannah Uzor on Aug 28, 2015 10:32 AM Europe/London


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