How Do We Create A Better Built Environment?

Rick Hartwig
Head of Sector - Built Environment
In the past few months the press has been full of the scrapping of policies in and initiatives The Green Deal is no longer being funded by the government. It was described as ‘a great idea that was poorly executed’. Further UK environment organisations criticise the government for watering down or scrapping 10 different environmental policies - these range from support for renewable energy technology and tax exemptions for low carbon vehicles, to privatisation of the Green Investment Bank and axing of zero-carbon standards.

These have, at the time of writing not been replaced with revised or new initiatives - So where are we heading?

I am pleased to see the announcement regarding the appointment of a Select Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment. A Call for Evidence has been published and interested parties are invited to submit written evidence to the Committee by 6 October 2015.

There is not much time. I encourage you to step forward and do something constructive. We face major challenges to improve the environmental footprint of the built environment, whether they are newer established buildings Perhaps we can work together on something? 

Rick Hartwig
Built Environment Sector Head, IET
Posted by Hannah Uzor on Aug 28, 2015 10:19 AM Europe/London


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