EngtechNow Marks Successful First Year

Blane Judd, EngTechNow
Blane Judd, EngTechNow
As we mark our first anniversary, I am pleased that EngTechNow has been joined on our journey by some of the most important engineering employers in the country, and in the world.

Indeed, this month will see major employers, infrastructure projects, and trade unions; sign a charter setting out their commitment to professionally register technicians across the country.

The diverse nature of the support we receive is particularly pleasing. It demonstrates not just that we are well trusted, but that the solution we offer to the skills and experience gaps has meaningful value.

Clients take measures to ensure their projects go ahead smoothly. Trade Unions seek opportunities for their members. Employers want to ensure their staff are the best and feel valued. And alongside all of that, there is a genuine feeling that engineering has a duty to put right some past wrongs by ensuring technicians are no longer unsung heroes, but well recognised for their huge importance.

There is also a real productivity aspect that UK industry cannot ignore. With more and more pressure to oversee every detail, we have seen a growth in man-marking – with people doing great work but being constantly monitored as they do it.
This can be highly inefficient, it can limit career opportunities, and it is unnecessary. Clients can be reassured everything is done to the highest standards in another way.

As Crossrail’s Chris Sexton told EngTechNow, for too long many positions of responsibility became the preserve of graduates. This had the effect of cutting technicians – many of whom did not go to university – off from valuable career paths they were well suited to. It also had the effect of hindering graduates from progressing in their careers quickly because of a shortage of new people able to take up those positions if they were promoted.

EngTechNow is proving a valuable tool for breaking that down.

By giving technicians the professional status they need, they can take positions of responsibility. And because their status is externally verified, the need for man-marking to reassure clients reduces.

This is why companies have asked us to work with them, and to meet with their technicians across the country. Our team have covered a lot of miles in year one, working with technicians in places as far flung as Aberdeen and Portsmouth. 
But to secure a sustainable culture change across industry - that will boost the status of technicians and productivity - there is a long way still to go. 

Blane Judd, EngTechNow
Posted by Hannah Uzor on Mar 3, 2015 11:41 AM Europe/London


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