Global Engineering Grand Challenges

 Engineering Grand Challenges Initiative

Following the successful 2013 Global Grand Challenges London Summit, organised by the Royal Academy of Engineering, EPSRC set out to identify Engineering Grand Challenges.  In order to start this process, EPSRC organised a two-day retreat, bringing together 25 academic, industry and government experts in facilitated discussions.

The outputs of the retreat are included in the following report:

Seven areas have been identified as potential Engineering Grand Challenges:
  • ·      Risk and Resilience in a Connected World
  • ·      Controlling Cell Behaviour
  • ·      Engineering from Atoms to Applications
  • ·      Bespoke Engineering
  • ·      Big Data for Engineering Futures
  • ·      Suprastructures - integrating resource infrastructures under constraint
  • ·      Engineers at the Heart of Public Decision Making.

    To build momentum around the Engineering Grand Challenges, EPSRC intends to run three workshops in the Autumn of 2014:

    Birmingham – 14th November
    London – 19th November 
    Edinburgh – 26thNovember with the intention of...

    1.         Engaging the research and user community to identify clear targets or milestones for each of the selected Grand Challenges areas;
2.         Starting the process of building collaborations and/or consortia as appropriate and;
3.         Building advocacy for the Engineering Grand Challenges, particularly as EPSRC, working with its partners in academia, industry and government, is looking to build the case for Engineering and Physical Sciences ahead of the next spending review.

This is your opportunity to shape what the Engineering Grand Challenges should be.

Those who wish to attend one of these workshops should complete the following survey (see bottom of webpage) by 15 September 2015:

If you or colleagues have any queries please email
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