Committee List - Younger Members Section (Session 2020)

Chairman Mr PETER S.F. SUEN
Vice Chairman Mr OLAF T.Y. LI
Honorary Secretary Ms KAREN H.Y. CHUNG
Honorary Treasurer Mr JOHNNY L.W. SZE
Immediate Past Chairman Mr WILLIAM K.C. YIP
Past Chairman Ir HENRY T.L. CHAN
Internal Affairs Coordinator Ms HEBE Y.H. TSANG
External Affairs Coordinator Ms MELODY Y.T. WONG
Global Network Affairs Coordinator   Ms JENNY J LIN
Young Professionals Programme Coordinator Ms CELIA N.Y. CHAN
Young Professionals Exhibition&Competition Coordinator Mr KOBE H.Y. YUNG
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme Coordinator Mr JAREK S.S. TAM
Technical Coordinator Mr ANTHONY K.O. SHE
Marketing Communications Coordinator Ms TWING T.W. CHAN
Community Services Coordinator Ms MICHELLE M.S. HUI
Students Section Coordinator (Hong Kong) Mr ANDREW C.Y. CHIU
Students Section (Hong Kong) Chairman Mr TRAVIS K.H. CHU
Students Section Coordinator (Sub Degree) Mr KEVIN H.C. TANG
Students Section (Sub Degree) Chairlady Ms JELENA S.T. CHEUNG
Students Section Coordinator (Macau) Mr TOMMY H.Y. CHEUNG
Students Section (Macau) Chairlady Ms DORA C.L. LEI
Posted by Peter Suen on Sep 27, 2017 5:15 PM Europe/London


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