Hall Of Fame: List Of YMS Chairpersons

2018-2019            Mr. William K.C. Yip
2017-2018            Mr. Henry T.L. Chan
2016-2017            Mr. Mark K.Y. Tsang
2015-2016            Mr T.F. Lee
2014-2015            Ms Heather W.Y. Lam
2013-2014            Mr Alex C.F. Lai
2012-2013            Mr David C.W. Yiu
2011-2012            Ms Clara P.M. To
2010-2011            Mr Joe C.H. Wan
2009-2010            Mr Ekmanson C.H. Poon
2008-2009            Ms Jacqueline W.S. Lo
2007-2008            Mr Edward Lo
2006-2007            Mr Henry K.H. Yuen
2005-2006            Mr Bryan K.L. Cheung
2004-2005            Mr Gordon K.T. Wai
2003-2004            Mr Ken C.K. Tai
2002-2003            Mr Issac K.C. Hsu
2001-2002            Mr Paul H.B. Sen
2000-2001            Mr Christopher C.S. Liu
1999-2000            Mr Paterson W.L. Chan
1998-1999            Mr Timothy You
1997-1998            Mr K.C. Chung
1996-1997            Mr Leo W.P. Choi
1995-1996            Mr Christopher W. To
1994-1995            Mr Christopher W. To
1993-1994            Mr Ellis Y.W. Lee
1992-1993            Ms Winnie F.S. Lai
1991-1992            Mr John Lau

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