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People and Productivity through AI, Digital, Blockchain & Collaboration

In this presentation and discussion, we will address the horrendous productivity gap and how it can be improved by the creation of a ‘Fluid Enterprise’ fit for the 2020’s and beyond.
This talk will extoll the virtues of great leadership at all levels, providing insights into the tools and ways of working that will need to be adopted to achieve hyper productive Enterprises. It will address how people and teams strive for trust and purpose, but only those organisations that are people centric, master their data and manage their purpose will deliver huge productivity, efficiency and effectiveness benefits.

Come learn how organisations without a fluid enterprise tend to fail and only dynamic and adaptive teams using AI, Blockchain and collaboration methods in a fluid enterprise can reap rewards.

Fluid Enterprises – the future of dynamic digital environments

Michael Short

Michael has held CEO, COO and President roles in Europe and the USA and is a strong supporter of the creation of value through the harnessing of individual strengths into high performing teams. He has devised and supported new operating models at numerous Fintech companies, the latest being a FTSE 100 company which won the prestigious National Agile Awards.
He is also a contributing author to “Agile Foundations: Principles, Practices and Frameworks” the BCS book that is the recommended reading for the Agile Foundation certificate, https://certifications.bcs.org/category/17577, a Gallup StrengthFinder coach and is qualified in multiple Agile and Business methods.

Eddie Short

Eddie is a leading global specialist in growth, expansion, innovation and transformation for organisations. His deep experience combined with specific focus on Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital gives him exceptional insight capability for commercial application. This expertise is proven across multiple industries and geographies to drive growth, balancing risk and cost for maximised outcomes through creating high performance people and businesses.
Eddie has operated at senior Partner level in major global consultancies and Senior Vice President in Fortune 500/FTSE 30 multi-nationals.

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This event is organised by the BCS Berkshire, find out more about the group at https://www.bcs.org/category/14631

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