The IET Hong Kong Past Chair List

Dr. S K Tso 1988/1989
Mr. David Burn 1989/1990
Mr. A K F p*** 1990
Mr. R T Saunders 1990/1991
Mr. B K Mak 1991/1992
Dr. N F Chin 1992/1993
Mr. T S Chung 1993/1994
Dr. L M Cheng 1994/1995
Dr. Y C Chan 1995/1996
Prof. T S Ng 1996/1997
Mr. Nelson S F Koo 1997/1998
Mr. Simon S O Ho 1998/1999
Mr. A K F p*** 1999/2000
Prof. W B Lee 2000/2001
Mrs. Ellen N L Chan 2001/2002
Dr. L F Yeung 2002/2003
Mr. Dave K Y Wong 2003/2004
Mr. David CM Yuen 2004/2005
Mr. C S Chang 2005/2006
Mr. L M Chow 2006/2007
Mr. Henry N S Cheung 2007/2008
Dr. Jolly C K Wong 2008/2009
Mr. Albert F S Lam 2009/2010
Dr. Robin Bradbeer 2010/2011
Mr. Thomas K C Chan 2011/2012
Dr. Angus HW Cheung 2012/2013
Mr. CK Lau 2013/2014
Mr. Vincent Lam 2014/2015
Mr. Francis Fung 2015/2016
Dr. Johnny Ng
Mr. KW Chen
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