IET Sri Lanka Network: 20th Annual Technical Conference

First place 2013 annual conference
The IET Sri Lanka Network eminently held its twentieth Annual Conference at Hotel Galadari on 12th October, 2013.

The conference focused on both theory and applications and provided a forum for the presentation of papers, and to foster interaction between persons from industry and the universities by covering topics related to Electrical, Electronic, Communications, Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Manufacturing.

Here we are pleased to announce the 1st and 2nd Place winners for the best papers of 20th IET Annual Technical Conference among the number of presenters for submission of their valuable effort.

Congratulations! For them

1st Place:
Paper: Augmentative and Alternative Communication learning platform and therapeutic device
Authors: A P Dissanayaka, K G S S Gnanathilaka, J M. Inas, R M T S Senarathne, N Dayawanda
2nd Place:
Paper: Electrical Conductivity for Determination of Viability of Paddy Seeds
Authors: E.A.D.M. Amithodhana, H.M.B.S. Jayawardena, I.L.G.J. Mendis, K.M.G.P.S. Wijesinghe and J A K S Jayasinghe
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