3D Printed Guns In The UK

So we've just been given this new blogging feature as part of our MyCommunity area, and what better way to test it out than with a bit of discussion.
I was surprised to read in this article on 3D printed guns that the UK is in the top 5 countries downloading the files to make them in the 2 days following their publication. Even more surprising is that Spain was ahead of the US!
If you've somehow managed to miss the news about this, you might like to check out this video which shows how a man managed to print, assembly and fire a gun made using his own designs and 3D printer he bought on ebay.

Click image for YouTube clip

Should people be allowed to print whatever they want on these machines? And if not, how could this ever possibly be controlled or restricted?
Posted by Nathan Spence on Jun 17, 2013 9:18 PM Europe/London


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