Back To Back Talk - 'Ensuring Safety In Metro And Railways'

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On 3rd February 2015, the IET Bangalore Local Network organised their ‘Back to Back – Technology Leadership Talk’ in association with Institution of Engineers India on the theme ‘Ensuring Safety in Metro and Railways’. Transportation is one of the focus sectors for IET and the Bangalore local network has been organising at least one such leadership talk every year.
The eminent speakers for the event were Mr. B Gopinath Mallya, Chief Electrical Engineer, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd., India and Rev’d Paul Mann, Technical Director and Professional Head of Signal Engineering, Atkins, UK.
These back to back technology leadership talks bring in two different perspectives from two technical experts / leaders from two different disciplines. This time, however, we also had speakers from two different countries. Both agreed that the safety of passengers is of paramount importance irrespective of the mode of transport or country of operation. The industry has to take all actions in terms of delivering quality design, maintaining the optimum safety and mitigating all possible risks under various scenarios in main line railways and metros. The industry is coming up new approaches towards safety and delivery of quality services in order to provide better services to the customers.
Mr. Mallaya in his talk titled ‘Safety in Metro Technology’ shared with the audience the current progress and plans for the Bangalore Metro. This was very enthusiastically received by the audience as they were all interested in the completion of the project as soon as possible. He continued by sharing with the audience the actions taken by BMRCL in all areas such as Track, Signalling, Traction etc. in order to provide a safe metro for the IT capital of India. Use of state of the art technology in all areas such as Ballast less track, Seismic proof structures, derailment guard rails, Computer Based Interlocking System with Automatic Train Operation and Automatic Train Protection, state of the art Operational Control Centre, crash worthy design of train cars with stainless steel body, electric braking, dead-man’s  device, automatic doors, CCTV surveillance, Fire retardant Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables, remote monitoring through SCADA are few of the measures taken by BMRCL to provide a safe transport  for Bangalore.
Rev’d Paul Mann’s talk was very aptly titled as ‘Learning from our Mistakes:Design Assurance’. He emphasised that we need to have a systems approach while dealing with mistakes as against the older approach of punishing the person making mistakes. This way we can reach to the root cause of the problem and learn from the same in order to ensure that we don’t make the same mistake in future. He shared with the audience the actions that have been taken in Atkins in this regard and why he feels that has worked well. He introduced the concept of “Accident Triangle” and brought out the need for removing all errors in the design stage itself in order to ensure that even by a remotest chance a wrong design doesn’t get commissioned on the Railways. The structured method that is being used in Atkins to capture all errors identified from the design checking process and analyse them for future learning.

By Mr. Kapil Khanna, Chairman IET Bangalore Local Network
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Posted by Neha Singh on Feb 25, 2015 6:18 AM Europe/London


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