IET On Campus Program

As part of its mission, The  IET provides funding for over 100 On-Campus student groups.  To learn more and download the forms to get started and request funding from The IET for an On-Campus group, click here. Follow activities and events on, @IETEarlyCareer, and #IETOnCampus.

The IET now has 104 OnCampus undergraduate student groups globally including in the Americas Region: Follow #IETOnCampus to follow events and activities and learn more.

IET on campus student guide coverIET on campus - More energy brochure front coverIET OnCampus Program is designed to support everyone in the engineering faculty with students at the heart of it.  We will give you access to tailored practical, technical and career-related resources and help you create links with industry and other universities, building a platform for you to demonstrate your skills and raise your profile. ‘Delivering more energy on campus: a guide for student communities’ [PDF 2.2MB] give students the tools and ideas the need to enrich the activities of their IET On Campus community. If you have any questions about IET On Campus which are not covered in the brochures or these web pages, please email . Follow on, @IETEarlyCareer, and #IETOnCampus.
Student Zone - Join the IET's online student community. Start your own discussions, showcase your stories and events and lets others know what you are doing on campus.
This briefing explains what ‘On Campus’ is and how Communities volunteers can get engaged.
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