Communities Committee Americas (CC-A)

The Communities Committee Americas is a group of IET volunteer members that aid and support other IET volunteer communities, Local Networks (LN), Technical & Professional Networks (TPN), OnCampus Groups (OCG), and Young Professionals (YP) within the Americas region.  The CC-A is responsible for the delivery of all IET member activities throughout North America, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Greenland.  Follow us on Twitter @IET_CCA.

Communities Committee Americas (CC-A)

Purpose - the CC-A's purpose is to: 
  1. To support communities activities in the Americas region; to facilitate effective communication between communities in the region and the sharing of best practice on community matters.
  2. The Communities Committee Americas supports all IET communities in the region, whether geographical, technical, demographic (eg age related) or otherwise. 

Governance - the CC-A reports to the Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC, members). The Communities Resourcing Committee is the overarching group responsible for leading the work of the IET’s volunteer communities around the world, including its Local and Technical Networks. The CRC is responsible to the Knowledge Services Board (KSB, members).

Committee Members (effective  1-Oct-2018) 

  1. Chairman – David McQuiggan, SoCal, 3-year term expires on 30-Sep-2021.
  2. Vice Chair - Bhagvat Joshi, Ottawa 2 year term expires 30-Sep-2020
  3. Committee Member – Qurat-ul-Ain (Anee) Tabassum, New England 3-year term expires 30-Sep-2019
  4. Committee Member - Sean Ocho, Trinidad and Tobago 3-year term expires 30-Sep-2019
  5. Committee Member – Charles Rubenstein, New England 3-year term expires 30-Sep-2022
  6. Committee Member – Allan Casey, NorCal, 3-year term expires 30-Sep-2020 
  7. Committee Member - Suresh Vishwakarma , Vancouver, 3-year term expires on 30-Sep-2021.
  8. Committee Member YP - Emily Hicks, Canadian Prairies Group of Chartered Engineers (CPGCE), Calgary  3-year term expires 30-Sep-2021
  9. Committee Member YP - Robert Mayall, Canadian Prairies Group of Chartered Engineers (CPGCE), Calgary  3-year term expires 30-Sep-2022
  10. Outgoing Chair Emeritus – Kevin Murray
  11. IET Senior Staff Member – Phoebe Houssein, appointed by the IET, no fixed term 

YP Sub-committee Members

  1. Member (acting) - Sean Ocho, Trinidad and Tobago, YPCC representative
  2. Committee Member YP - Emily Hicks, Canadian Prairies Group of Chartered Engineers (CPGCE), Calgary 

IET Member Map – Americas Region 

CC-A Online Resources: 

Other IET Regional Communities Committees: 

The Americas Region (Source: Wikipedia)
The Americas (also collectively called America) comprise the totality of the continents of North and South America. Together, they make up most of the land in Earth's western hemisphere and comprise the New World.  The population is over 1 billion, with over 65% of them living in one of the three most populous countries (the United States, Brazil, and Mexico). As of the beginning of the 2010s, the most populous urban agglomerations are Mexico City (Mexico), New York (U.S.), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Los Angeles (U.S.), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), all of them megacities (metropolitan areas with ten million inhabitants or more).
North America (Listed by GDP): Central America South America:
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