Website And Useful Links To Assist All To Stay, Live And Work In France.


the IET France Local Network have put together this list from British Embassy Information (via the BCC) to assist all to stay, live and work in France.

We hope you find it useful.

Tim Lorkin, IET France Chair (


Arrêté - lists supporting documents required to apply for the CDS:

Translation of the both pieces of legislation available here:

Voisins Voices Newsletter : British Embassy newsletter

- Top Ten myths and invitations to two Microsoft Teams meetings. Tuesday 26th January and Wednesday 24th February from 6PM to 7.30PM

-  Top Ten Questions on Residency on the British Embassy Paris Facebook page
-  FAQ document on French residency application portal (available through LIG)

We are in the process of updating the informative note (in French) which confirms that UK nationals and their family members do not need to have a residency permit until 1 October 2021. See here:

Healthcare video (how to access in France):

S1 healthcare video:

The rules and guidance on posting internationally from England, Scotland and Wales have changed.  Import VAT relief will depend on the value of the goods you are posting. You can refer to our guide for international post users

Guidance on banking:

Webform: for those CPAM cases

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