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On 12 sept. 2016, at 23:00, Laura Barrabia Gil <> wrote:
Dear Rob,
My name is Laura and I am committee member of the EMEA-CC.
I am very happy you decided to activate your network again and looking forward to hearing from your events. In the CVC I could learn a little bit about LN France and I see there is potential to do some activities there.
Could you update me about which events are plan or in which locations you are focusing for the next months? I am also in the Swiss committee and we will attend to the following CERN event:
Would or any of your member be interested to attend as well? It would be great if we could do in the future a joint event.
You can also think about holding a PATW. This year the final was in Barcelona and it was a success. Please tell me if you need support in organizing it. This is a good way to engage young people to the IET.
If you have some Young Professional or Student in your area I could contact him in order to give him some tips about encouraging students and events.
If you need support feel free to tell me.
Have a good week start!
Laura Barrabia Gil

From: Robert McCann <>
Date: 13 September 2016 at 10:30
Subject: Re: IET France - Update
To: Laura Barrabia Gil <>
Cc: IET Lynsay Callaghan <>

Dear Laura,
Thanks for making contact! I initially intend to approach some of the French institutions, in particular the IESF and the SEE in order to clarify our relations with them and seek a degree of reciprocity in the organisation and participation of events.
We hope to organise an event in the Grenoble area on the internet of things which may be convenient for some of your members. No firm details as yet.
It's also our responsibility to organise the annual joint Engineering Institutions' annual dinner in the New Year, for which I am open to suggestions (NB Lynsay) and assistance in finding a speaker who will draw the crowds!
PATW is a good idea, though maybe it makes sense to combine forces and have a single event, eg in Geneva. It would be useful to know what the other regions (eg Spain / Benelux) were planning to offer a choice of locations. I'm happy to invite French candidates to apply to your event if you want to work that way.
The CERN TEDx has potential, but the website seems to be appealing for submissions at the moment without a clear intention. Please keep me informed of what you plan on doing there. 

While I was at the IMechE visit to IFPEN and Renault-Volvo Trucks in Lyon last week, an IMechE member expressed an interest in organising a monthly drinks gathering in Lyon. I don't know if you have any members for whom that could be of interest? The only other IET member on the visit was a retired gentleman living near Perpignan.
I'll add your network to my interests on MyIET and suggest you do the same.

Rob McCann
33 686 416 723 M
33 147 504 388 T
Blog IET French Network 14/09/2016 2:36pm BST


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