Aerospace Committees

Aerospace Network teams 

The Aerospace Network organises a programme of technical events and visits throughout the year.  

Executive Team Members 
David Lindley - Chairman/Transport Policy Representative

Ray Smith - Vice Chairman/Transport Sector Representative
Andy Mills - Joint Propulsion Group Representative
Bob Darby - Committee member
Gary Clayton - Committee member
John Turton - IMeche & Aerospace Partnership Representatives
Jonathan Watson - Rolls Royce Representative
Lee Gilbert - Committee member 

Malcolm Claus - Committee Member
Mikela Chatzimichaildou - Committee member 
Nektarios Karanikas  - Committee Member
Simon Hancock - Committee Member
Sotirios Ntaoulas - Committee Member

Deborah-Claire McKenzie - IET Community Manager

YP Team Members
Lee Murton - Chairman YP Group
Kristen Facciol  - Representative in North America/Canada
Rob Allison - committee member
Tal Horton-Horsman - committee member

Technical Advisory Panel Members

Alexis Colyer 
Arnold Gad-Briggs
Charles Patchett

Chris Welch 
Christopher John
Haydn Thompson

Janice Man 
John Beirne 
John Roe
Jon Dunsdon

Keith Rigby 
Lambert Dopping-Hepenstal 
Mike Bell
Mike Murdoch
Nick Ladner
Peter Holtby
Philip Cutcher 
Steven Carter
Stuart Whiteley
Tony Dodd
Warren Batrick

List updated on 13 November 2017.

Posted by Deborah-Claire McKenzie on Aug 18, 2014 5:39 PM Europe/London