IBC 2019 Review ( IET Central London Network )

IBC 2019 Panel Review
“Data commissioned content will provide new methods of technology innovation” discussed the panel at the ‘Review of International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2019’ evening lecture organised by the Royal Television Society and the IET Central London Network held at IET Savoy Place. The panel chair, Paul Robinson, Director, Creative Media Partners talked through trends seen at IBC 2019 with Adriana Whiteley (Director of Bonsight and Committee member of the IET’s Media Network), Saleha Williams (Consultant, Cognizant) and Robert Ambrose, Managing Consultant (High Green Media  and Consulting Editor, IBC Conference).
The panel discussed how Internet streaming providers are still having to work with traditional media producers where it is that balance of creative design along with new technologies that is going to let platform providers create new customised real time targeted content. AI simply cannot do what traditional media content creators can..(yet).
Cloud was clearly seen to be an enabler at IBC 2019 however, the best yet to come. 5G will let the ‘directors cut’ be created far more swiftly, but cloud-collaboration services will let consumers sit alongside the directors-chair to create their own media.

There are plans for technologies to be borrowed from gaming platforms and along with AI vendor packages we are soon to see standardised media offerings to allow more consumers to not only access content, but interact with it without limitations.  Only with feature rich media can content producers get the benefits of economics of scale that are gaining momentum in media platforms worldwide. One of the current challenges is adoption rate, where we now know what types of genres are being consumed on a laptop, tablet and smart phone and more importantly understanding how these new consumption styles help generate more targeted content and along with new media licensing models, will likely increase the adoption rate of newer services by consumers.

Appification of content, off the shelf-AI, platform consolidation and technology innovations are going to help drive a ‘consumers first’ new era in media. As the panel chair explained ‘’we are in a golden age of media’’.
Posted by Rimesh Patel on Oct 10, 2019 12:31 PM Europe/London


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