Bluedot Festival at Jodrell Bank – call for volunteers for IET stand

The IET Mersey & Western Cheshire Network are hosting a stand at the above event, which is being held at the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre from 7-9 July 2017.  The festival will take students on a Scientific Voyage from the Antarctic to the depths of Space via live experiments, science discussions and lots more see the website. 
In addition to a range of STEM and career pathways literature, the IET stand will also have the following interactive displays/activities:
Build your own LED torch - a simple assembly project but at the very least shows that an LED has to be correctly polarised in order for it to function students take these away after assembly, always a popular demonstrator.
The Pump Storage Demonstrator is a device showing how during the hours of darkness when electricity demand is low, water is pumped from a lake to a storage reservoir at the top of a mountain.
The demonstrator allows the user of it to pump water up to the reservoir; where from the reservoir water is released driving a water turbine generator providing power to the village below, where street lights come on etc.
A Light Quiz demonstrator that runs alongside the above with hands on checks showing the difference between Incandescent, CFL and LED light.
Event Times are:
Friday 7th July 10-30 am to 5pm (Set up day)
Saturday 8th July 10-00am to 8 pm.
Sunday 9th July   10-00am to 8pm.
If you are able to come along and help the Network with their stand, it would be appreciated if you could please contact Alan Dixon asap indicating which day(s) you are able to help.  


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