Swindon Committee And Volunteering 2021


Would you like to meet up with fellow-engineers from other organisations? Do you want to expand your own skills while contributing something to your profession? Are you interested in attracting the next generation of engineers? What ideas do you have for your local IET community?

We are always looking for volunteers who have an interest and want to contribute to the work of the committee. IET membership is only required for Officer roles, otherwise men and women of all ages are welcome. We always encourage ‘new blood’ to refresh our Network and the widest possible range of people will help us to maximise our relevance in Swindon.
When you are ready to become involved, please contact our Chairman Walter Featherstone to express an interest via email - Swindon@ietvolunteer.org . You do not need lots of spare time – many of us are busy people. As a volunteer the area of involvement and the amount of time you spend is up to you.
Below is a list of the types of our activities and the current volunteers carrying them out.

Swindon Network Committee, Members & Volunteers 2021
Chairman Walter Featherstone PhD, CEng MIET
Honorary Treasurer Matthew Ash EngTech MIET  
Honorary Secretary Paul Robinson CEng MIET
Events Creation Team  
  • Events Manager
Hamid Reza Falaki PhD, CEng MIET
  • Community Webmasters
Ken Mills  MA, CEng MIET 
Elizabeth Thomasine Macharia
  • Event Sponsor
Designated committee member per event
    • Special Events
    • RIAT
John Turton, Graham Turner  CEng FIET
Robert McLaughlan CEng MIET
  • Event Registration & emails
Ian Martin 
Social Media Team  
  • Facebook  - Swindon
John Turton,   
Robert McLaughlan CEng MIET
  • Facebook  - YP Swindon
Esraa Sada
Tarela Ghomorai  (STEM Ambassador)
  • Twitter – Swindon
Elizabeth Thomasine Macharia    
Esraa Sada
  • Twitter – YP Swindon
Esraa Sada
  • LinkedIn - Swindon
Elizabeth Thomasine Macharia
Walter Featherstone PhD, CEng MIET
  • LinkedIn – YP Swindon
Esraa Sada
Elizabeth Thomasine Macharia
  • YouTube 
Ken Mills  MA, CEng MIET
Elizabeth Thomasine Macharia

Schools Liaison Officer &
Professional Registration Advisor


Robert McLaughlan CEng MIET
Present Around the World (PATW) Champion Tarela Ghomorai  (STEM Ambassador)

Community Relationship Manager
 (IET Staff)

Julie Hudson 
Publicity officer Vacancy
STEM support  Ian Martin 

Updated June 2021

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