Prospects Of Multimedia Technologies And Applications.

Dr Chiariglione
On 24th October 2013 the IET Italy Network in collaboration with the University of Bologna and the IET Multimedia Communications Network, were proud to host a lecture by Dr Leonardo Chiariglione (Founder of MPEG) on the ‘Prospects of Multimedia technologies and applications.

If you were not able to attend in person, you can now view the presentation on below and give us your feedback.

Prospects of multimedia technologies and applications


Dr Leonardo Chiariglione
From: Prospects of multimedia technologies and applications, 24 October 2013, Bologna, Italy
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Dr Chiariglione was also interviewed by Philip Clayson from the IET Multimedia Communications Network. You can watch the interview below:

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A number of comments follows the lecture, from students and form senior colleagues. It has been unanimously recognized as a great experience to have had the opportunity to meet and to list Dr. Chiariglione. One for all the comment form Dino Zanobetti, Professor Emeritus, University of Bologna: “La nostra Scuola è sempre disponibile all'accoglienza di distinti colleghi ingegneri che apportino la loro esperienza professionale alla formazione dei più giovani. Aiutano il nostro mestiere.” Here the IET Member News article “Faraday Medal winner draws a crowd” by Keri Allan, freelance journalist.
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