Alan Watts on G4F

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Earlier this month, Alan Watts, former IET Trustee, visited Solent LN to discuss with the network the G4F proposals and upcoming members' vote.


As a former trustee and the principal driving force behind the new G4F proposals, Alan was excellently placed to explain the reasoning behind the proposed changes and painted a very clear picture of how the changes would affect IET Council and the running of the IET.

The Council is an advisory body for the IET with over 70 seats at present. If successful, the new G4F proposal will see this reduce to 27 members 1 president. These 27 members will be split across three boards; a Membership and Professional Development Board, a Knowledge Services Board, and a new Volunteer Engagement Board. As well as forming these three boards, the Council members will also meet as a single group to discuss their findings with the Board of Trustees three times a year.

Currently 75% of Council members are elected. With the reduction in the size of the Council (from over 70 to 27), this will see the number of elected seats fall from 75% to 66% in order to ensure sufficient numbers of ‘chosen’ (non-elected) members be present to address any skills or knowledge gaps of the 66% elected.

You can find Alan's slides and sound-bites from the evening attached to this blog.

Voting is now open, so please do find the time to cast yours.
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